Thanks, Fujifilm, for selling me a cheap camera, and now it has a retro look..

       I purchased this brand-new X-T1 camera three years ago and not use it much since I have a full-time job busy work. I generally carry with me on the weekends. For the first time, I noticed the rubber hand grip peeled off at the bottom corner right next to the memory card door, and to fix it; I bought the rubber glue to glue. A couple of months later, the grip slightly moved again and squeezed off on the other side; I tried another glue and hoped it might work, but nope! It completely messed after gluing. I was impatient to fix it and decided to remove the right-hand grip, as you see in the photo. The funny thing is after I obliterated that grip. I got more compliments on how the camera looks, and my sister thought I just got a new camera :-)

       I spent more $ on this X-T1 sapphire version with expecting a high-quality camera. I used Canon, Nikon for a long time but switched to mirrorless because of camera weight. Neither Nikon nor Canon got the handgrip issue after many years of usage. Would you mind not assuming I don’t like this camera? I have fallen in love with it for the first time since I saw it in commercial ads. I know nothing is perfect, and each camera has pros and cons itself, but to me, this is unacceptable for spending fifteen hundred dollars on after three years.

       I hope this information may give you an idea or an experience with this issue. If anyone has a camera hand grip issue like me, please share How to fix it. If Fuji reads this post, please specify the problem.


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